Dear BiBi Jones: Pornstar Answers BroBible Readers’ Relationship Questions in New Advice Column

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I feel like my significant other and I have hit a wall in our relationship and have been drifting apart. Any ideas for spicing things up and getting closer with each other?

Communication is key to keeping a successful relationship. As a women, my past experiences with “drifting apart” is because I no longer felt that I am good enough or satisfying my man, so I looked for it in someone else. Not saying that is the case in your relationship… I'm saying you need to talk to your significant other and find out what's going on. If it's sexually, why not add some fun sex toys like a liberator or a cock ring. Changing things up is so important. 

In order to keep things kinky, my girlfriend and I want to start watching porn. I'm intimated, though, because she claims she's never watched porn before. What kind of porn do you suggest couples watch together?

Don't ever be intimated. Porn isn't reality but it is satisfying. The best kind of porn for couples is a company called Digital Playground (NSFW). Check out their website, they have a softcore & a hardcore versions. Their genre of porn is more focused towards couples.

Dear Bibi, I don't know how it happened, but this past semester I sadly found himself stuck in the friendzone with this beautiful girl that I really like. Basically, I am the holy trinity of pathetic. Any tips to help a bro get out of the friendzone?

Man, friendzone sucks! I feel bad because I have lots of guy friends that are in that friendzone & I know they want more. The reason that they're there is because they try too hard & are too nice. Sadly, most (not all) girls like a hard-to-get guy. Someone that doesn't beg or do everything we demand. We like a chase. I'm sure once she sees you with another girl or sees that you're not as available as she thinks that you are, then she'll be more attracted to you and you won't be in the “friendzone.”

So I've had a girlfriend for a while now and we are nothing like each other. I think it might be time to end the relationship, but she did nothing wrong. Can you give me some advice?
Once you are over the relationship, it's pretty much done. If you really want it to work out then talk to her and see how she feels. But if you have nothing in common then I think it's unlikely going to work out. For you not to be bummed about the relationship failing then you should go to a local concert/show of a genre of music that you really like and find a girl there that can be a rebound or maybe a girl that you actually (at least) have something in common with and y'all can start dating. Good luck!

I have always been the girl who hates dating. I have my constant boytoy and I couldn't care if he hooks up with anyone else. We both just wanted someone for the 3am call. Things have been really good lately, but I want to try something different… How can I ask him if he would be okay with adding another girl into the picture for a night or two? I don't want him to get the impression that I am unhappy with our current situation.

I'm sure no guy will ever have a problem with letting another girl in the picture. Especially if there are no emotional attachments in this relationship which sounds like it's a friends-with-benefits type of situation. You’ll probably make his entire year with having a threesome, foursome, or how about an orgy. Go crazy! Have fun


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