Blasphemy: Non-‘Merican Americans Think ‘Merican Flag is UnAmerican

By 07.12.12

After this notice caused  more than legitmate uproar, the party seemingly responsible, the Wrentham Department of Housing and Community Development, did not exactly fess up to the crime. Said a spokesperson, “We were not aware of this deicison…it was a mistake.” 

The Bros at Total Frat Move, who were first to this story, had some pretty solid analysis on this blasphemy of all blasphemies. And a reaction as quality this one desrves its due praise:

What situation could possibly lead someone to think this was a good idea? I don’t care how much one resident bitches about The Star Spangled Banner, this is America, that is our Goddamn flag. If someone wants to fly it then they damn well should be able to do so. WHO GETS UPSET ABOUT SEEING AN AMERICAN FLAG!?

While the state has scrambled to reverse their decree, the town populace has been in a complete uproar. 82-year old resident Barbara Marshall was particularly irked, and decided to defy her commie town by letting her stars and stripes wave free.

“If somebody wants to come and take the flag down, I’ll take pictures,” she said to The Sun Chronicle, presumably before threatening to “mow down those commie bastards with my husband’s old Tommy Gun from Iwo if they try to take it.” Grandmothers, believe it or not, are actually huge proponents of the second amendment.

While the Housing and Community Development department is tripping over itself to rectify the situation, the ban is still technically in place. If I were a resident of Wrenthem (before killing myself from boredom), I would raise up a hundred flags on my front yard. If that’s a problem, they can kiss my ass and come and take it.

[H/T: TFM]

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