Man Writes a Book About What Men Think About Aside From Sex (Or Does He?)

by 7 years ago

Sheridan's book — which has already sold out of its first print run and is one of Amazon's top 1,000 books — is literally 200 blank pages. A fancy cover with nothingness after it. Just that musty smell that book pages seem to have. But all, as I stated, are completely blank. Sheridan said he did it because, “What is wonderful about it is that people want to laugh.” Yes they do. However this is not funny and no one wants to be made a fool of for the benefit of your bank account, you ugly f*ck.

Now if I bought this book (for the record I wouldn't even if it had words) and I opened it to see 200 blank pages, the last thing I would do is double over in laughter. I'd immediately call the publisher, and throw empty death threats around like f*cking candy at a parade as I demanded a full refund. That is exactly what every women who bought this should do — you know it was all broads who purchased this thing. 
Now if you want to pay money for this as a novelty gift then hardy-f*cking-har to you, but if anyone got duped by this c*nt, I hope justice is sought. Now excuse me, I have sex to think about. 
Here is a video of this a**hole promoting his book:
Speaking of books, we have one coming out very soon and you can pre-order it on Amazon right now. A lot of guys in our office would appreciate if you did. Not me, though, I gave up appreciating things for Lent. 


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