Boyfriend of the Decade Leaves Girlfriend After She Gets Head Stuck In Railings During Sex in Public

by 4 years ago

According to Digital Spy:

A woman got her head stuck in some railings while having sex with her boyfriend.

The 46-year-old, from Lipetsk in Russia, said that she wanted to “spice things up” with her man.

A neighbor called the police after finding the woman naked and unable to free herself from the stairwell.

When police arrived, the woman said that she had been having consensual sex with her partner when she became stuck. Her boyfriend was not around when the officers turned up.

My question is: why did she stick her head through the railing to begin with? Everyone knows that never ends in anything less than the fire department breaking out a Chop Saw to save your stupid ass. Also, odds her boyfriend left to find help but instead decided to finish himself off before he got around to it?

[H/T Hypervocal]

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