Hopefully There Are Photos/Videos of This Insane Brawl at the New York Athletic Club

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Here's an account via a blog called Wall Street Jackass:

It was the best fight I've ever seen. Young people, old people, girls , members , non members, it was a nondiscriminatory ragematch.

It's tough to elaborate on it's epicness but I'll do my best. It started near the booths that are across from the bar, so everyone at the bar and not involved quickly got pushed towards the windows facing the park.

The brawl then expanded from the booths to the bar so no one could leave unless you wanted to to go through the lion's pit so we all just stood ( I eventually took a seat with Stephan and some girls) and watched it all unfold. It came in HOT.

Not sure the reason but it seemed to be about a girl. After about 30 seconds it was just threats being yelled. Anyway, probably two broken noses right off the back, one dude knocked straight on his butt on the first punch, glasses thrown, broken glass everywhere , and all the tables turned over or shoved to the side, they were making their arena…..The first break in the fight occurred when a random guy hopped in to break it up, his girlfriend by his side . The commotion ended so everyone thought ,  until somebody knocked the guy's girlfriend over and this kid laid one dude right out. So now the fight expanded to three groups, three wolfpacks. Girl got knocked over again ……Second stoppage occurred after a good five minutes when Luis the bartender joined forces to come in and stop it.  BIG MISTAKE , Luis fell like a bag of sand after a fairly aggressive push and he started screaming ” Call nine eleven” . radios were grabbed and called, and these guys were eventually getting chaperoned out. It was all done , fight over . But No, it wasn't done…some pudgy kid comes out of no where , I honestly don't think he was even involved, and connected straight into a much bigger kids dome piece, couldn't have connected better, the kid hit , hits a table, broken everything on the ground. Finally a bunch of guys push the crowd of fighters out of the bar, they get in the elevator and by the time I got down there 10 cops were arresting all of them.

According to the NYT, two people ended up in the hospital and three men were put under arrest. The Daily News has the details about that:

Cops eventually arrived at the scene, and according to a complaint filed in Manhattan Criminal Court, Peter Doran, 28, from Glen Head, L.I., and Matthew O’Grady, 31, from Glen Cove, were charged with third-degree assault and second-degree harassment. Doran is accused of punching out a 48-year-old man, while O’Grady allegedly hit another clubgoer in the face, causing lacerations.

Hard to believe photos of videos haven't surfaced yet. After all, we live in the YouTube/Facebook/Smatphone era, so SOMEONE out there had to snap a photo of the mayhem. If you have any more details, hit us up.

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