Bro Who Bashed A One Night Stand Got Burned On His Own Facebook Page After He Forgot His Phone

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Daily Mail

A lad in Ireland got an unpleasant surprise on his own Facebook page when a girl he hooked up with left a status update for everyone to see, revealing all the awful things he said about her, after he left his own phone at her house.

Which, hey, his fault. He didn’t make any single wrong misstep, but rather a series of. When combined, they make this own well deserved.

First, Mark met a girl out one night and hooked up with her. Nothing wrong with that. Then he started to screw things up.

Mistake 1: He snuck out in the morning without saying goodbye. Not the worst move, but he made…

Mistake 2: He forgot his phone. Had he not ditched, he’d probably have no problem going back and retrieving it. And had he respectfully said goodbye, the girl wouldn’t have gone through his phone, which also wouldn’t be a problem, had he not made…

Mistake 3: Throughout the night, he sent a bunch of texts to his friends bashing her.

Which is why his next Facebook status read thusly:

Hi Mark, it’s Sarah from last night. Bet you thought you were clever sneaking out of my house this morning before I got up but you left your phone in my room.

Looked through your messages to try and find someone to get your phone back to only to see you call me a ‘fat shit’ a ‘tramp’ and a ‘box of shit’.

If you want your phone back come back to my house and get it. Love from the ‘big girl’ that certainly made a wee man out of you last night.’

His friends, naturally, all shared the post and his tale went around the web. Mark said he was just joking with the mates and blamed his behavior on “too many vodkas.”

He did retrieve his phone and apologize to Sarah, but he said he didn’t think she accepted it.

Mark also said he’d be laying off social media for awhile.

[Via The Daily Mail]

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