Bro Gets His Photo Snapped in the Act; Plus Bro Gets Caught Getting It On With Buddy’s Sister

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In the middle of my freshmen year of college, (four years ago) my friend’s parents bought a lake house in Maryland. As a result, in May of the following year, a bunch of us went down there. This was the first trip we ever took to the lake house as a big group, and it was about eight of us guys and two chicks. Yeah, I know, shitty ratio there but it was all we could manage at the time. The main reason we went, obviously, was to have a crazy drunken weekend and being that we have known these two girls for a while, none of us expected the events that transpired to actually happen.

As soon as we get there, we unpack and immediately start crushing beers and having a good time. Fast-forward about eight hours… Everyone is hammered and us guys are wondering if any of us can actually bang our way out of the friend zone with these chicks. I know the terms “Tits” and “Ass” have been used before to describe girls in these hook-up heroes write-ups and since those terms work for these two girls, I’ll use them.

So me and my buddy decide that we are gonna give it a shot (What’s the worst that could happen?) and we pull the two girls into one of the bedrooms to “talk.” Things progress quickly and I start hooking up with Ass and my buddy, who we will call Chris, starts with Tits. I get Ass into her bra and panties, then finger her, but unfortunately it ends there (she was always kind of prude) and she leaves the room. Naturally, I assess the situation between my buddy and Tits. I think to myself “Well, Chris won’t care. I’ll give it a shot.” Tits was laying on the bed on her back and Chris was standing next to the bed getting blown. Naturally, I start to finger Tits. She doesn’t stop me so I keep going. I decide that I’m going for the gold and I start fucking Tits. Chris and I start high fiving and the Eiffel Tower was in full swing. Before any of us switch positions, Chris leaves the room and I didn’t know what to make of that. Nevertheless, I kept going to town on Tits. About five minutes later, Chris busts into the room and yells “SMILE!” and snaps a picture, then runs back out of the room. After I’m done having sex with Tits, I walk out of the bedroom and all my buddies are standing there laughing over the picture that was taken.

I take hold of the camera to see myself and Tits both startled, and staring at Chris, as he took the picture ,looking like deer in the headlights, with mouths open, while plowing this girl missionary. Tits quickly comes out of the bedroom, takes one look at the picture, screams “Oh my God!,” punches Chris in the arm and deletes the picture. Classic night. And somehow we are all still friends to this day.


Interesting. Though your friend who would stop having sex with you to take a photo of you has serious issues.  

So there I was it was the first week of school of my junior year and rumors had been circulating amongst our group of friends that our bro's HOT sister would be a new freshman at our school. A little background on us. We attend an engineering-ONLY school. Chicks are thin, especially good looking ones. Now we do our best to party like rockstars and travel a lot just to party our dicks off so no shortage of good times for my friends and I, but you guys don't give a shit about that stuff.

Back to the Hot sister. Our school was throwing its annual toga part in the ballroom. It being a school-sponsored function and on-campus, it's always lame as hell. But this year I had a mission. I rounded up some of my bros and talked them into going. So naturally, we pregammed hard, waited until we were good and turned up and headed off to the dance. Now, I knew, being that this girl was a freshman, she would be at the dance and it didn't take me long to spot her. We had never met and she had no clue who I was. My bros and I were in the middle of being the rowdiest guys there, dancing like our hair was on fire when I “accidentally” bumped into her. We struck up a conversation and did a little dirty dancing. I cut right to the chase and told her to grab some friends and to take this party back to my place. It's with in walking distance. So a group of us, my buddies and a few of her friends, walked back to our house to really get this party started.

Now, although her brother wasn't with us at the time, I do live with him. So, it didn't take her long at all to find out that I was friends with her older brother. Having done my research on this girl I knew that she had some what of a track record with her brother's friends, so I knew if anything this would work to my advantage. Once inside we kicked it off with some shots and drinking games. The night was going good. I was ignoring her just enough to make her want me even more. Her suggestive looks confirmed I was in. Things started to wind down and people started leaving. After I had said goodbye to the last hammered college student wearing a bedsheet as a toga, I turned around to find her still sitting on my couch. No words were even said. We started making out and fooling around. It didn't take long for me to move the party to my bed, where she instantly started stroking my dick like it was her own personal shake weight. I rolled her on top of me and she started riding like the cowgirl she was.

Here is where the story takes a dramatical twist.

Also, I usually edit these for spelling errors, but 'took a dramatical twist” was too good to take out. Back to the story. 

My door was unlocked, and her brother had just gotten home from the bar drunk as a skunk. I hear him bust into my room, and I quickly threw her off of me and she hides under the sheets. He walks straight up to me and grabs my hand and says, ” Lets have a beer pussy” and tries to pull me out of bed. Remember, I am butt-ass naked, condom on
my dick with his sister in the buff curled in a ball next to me. I refuse and fight him off the best I can. It's at this moment he looks around to see her bra on the floor, but no under wear, turns out this chick NEVER wears any…..awesome..I know. So he busts out laughing and starts trying to pull the covers off to get a look at my special
guest. At this point my partner in crime realizes we are busted and she pokes her head out and says,”Stop, leave us alone.” The look on his face was priceless.

Now, I know what you all are thinking here. That I am an asshole for gettin dirty with my bro's sister, but I had warned him weeks earlier of my plan and his exact words were, “better you than some douche bag I don't know,” and I had full intention of doing right by this girl, and not doing the typical nail and bail one-night stand thing. Anyway, back to the story. Once he realized who it was I was with he ran out of the room leaving behind our other buddy that was with him. Being the drunk ass he was he picks up her bra in
the most obvious way and walks out with it. We look at each other and jump right back into it with me on top this time. We switched up positions a few times until I finished. For whatever reason I decided to bust loose inside of her. I thought, “what the hell I am wearing a condom.”

Little did I know that during the altercation the condom must have torn, resulting in me direct depositing my load inside of my buddy's sister. I didn't think too much of it assuming she was on the pill. The next morning she left early before I could really say anything about how our roll in the sheets ended. So, I figured I had
better give her a call and that's when I found out she WASN'T on the pill. Our night ended with her two-block walk of shame back to her dorm
still wearing her toga from the night before, and my walk of shame to the pharmacy at the local Walmart to buy Plan B for her. In the end we actually became really really close and that was most definitly not the last time we banged.

“I had full intention of doing right by this girl.” I didn't know sending in a story about banging her fell under that statement. But what do I care. Send in yours to be seen in this space

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