Bro Joins Country Club Right After College, Gets Kicked Out Almost Immediately (w/Expulsion Letter)

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I wanted to share an expulsion letter from a country club I joined back in the day, but first let me set the stage.  The club is in El Dorado Hills, CA. a small suburb outside of Sacramento. Rolling hills dominate the landscape, and the summers are hot, and in the winter it snows. The club itself sits on top of the hill; George W. Bush visited there in 2007.  Needless, to say place is as beautiful as OZ, however the folks that sit on the board of the club are a piece of work.  I paid an entry fee of $35,000 to enter and another $1000 in monthly dues for food, booze, etc.  The median age is 55, and I think I was around 26 at the time. I made tons of, “friends,” in the first year. Most of the older bros’ were cool, and some hated life, most of them spent time at the club because they didn't want to be at home. The wives, reminded me of, “desperate housewives,” tan, drunk, drama, and affair friendly for any takers. The place is as pretentious as a couple that drives a BMW and lives in an apartment, not to mention it’s in El Dorado County. A few miles up the road they smoke meth and inbred people live in the hills, YIKES.

Well after a year, I got into it with a few members. TROLLS! I figured, no big deal.  Everyone is a man, and can handle their own business. HA! Hardly the case, these “crispy ass critters” (code for old people) cried to the General Manager that I was a bandit from hell; I was written up like a kid in grammar school …they still own me $35,000 which sucks, but what are you going to do. I hope you Bro's  can learn from this, I sure did…


Soon after this letter was sent he was kicked out of Serrano Country Club. Five years later, through courage and sheer will, he came to us and asked us to help him relive the entire nightmare all because he wanted to warn Bros of what can happen when you join a country club after college (and kind of treat the wait staff like second class citizens, but let's not focus on that). 

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