Your Bro of the Week Nominees Include the Greatest Spy Ever and a Man Who Ate 68 Hot Dogs

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Joey Chestnut

Whether you think what Joey “Jaws” Chestnut is doing is “athletic” or not, the fact stands that on Wednesday, the competitive eater tied Takeru Kobayashi with his sixth straight Nathan's championship after downing 68 hot dogs in 12 short minutes. Chestnut also tied his own personal best score with the 68 weiners eaten, and he made sure the Mustard Belt will remain safe and sound in the good ol' U-S-of-A for at least one more year.

A true patriot, that Joey Chestnut.

Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius lost both his legs at the age of 11. But that didn't stop him from continuing to try to be a world-class runner—and now, this summer, Pistorius will be competing in the individual 400 meters and 4×400 relay at the Olympic Games in London, after the South African Olympic committee decided he could legally run on the team.

Pistorius will be the first amputee track athlete ever to compete in the Games.

Jody Hill and Danny McBride

They're back! While we have probably written far too much about “Eastbound and Down” returning for a fourth season, it's not every day that a beloved show comes back from the dead like “Eastbound” has. With a third season finale that was billed as the last episode the show would air, the news that co-creators Jody Hill and Danny McBride actually plan on now making a fourth season was unexpected and thrilling.

Next year, we get to look forward to watching a domesticated Kenny Powers attempt to make a life with April and their son. It's the story arc that McBride and Hill reportedly wanted to explore last year, so odds are they've already written some good material for us to laugh and cringe at.

Boyd Melson

A former military champion boxer and 2008 Olympic alternate, Boyd Melson turned professional in 2010. This week, we learned that he announced he will donate all his professional winnings to the Just a Dollar Please foundation, which raises money to find a cure for chronic spinal cord injuries. Boyd has stated that he was inspired by a Westchester woman named Christian Zaccagnino, who was left at age 10 quadriplegic after a diving accident.

That's a boxer to pull for.

Count Robert de La Rochefoucauld

Thanks to a tip from reader Jay—who sent us over this obituary with the subject line “Real-life James Bond”—we were made aware this week of the life story of Count Robert de La Rochefoucauld, a man who lived a life most of us could only dream of.

La Rochefoucauld was born in Paris in 1923 and grew up a sick kid in a large family. He was forced to mature quickly, though, after the 1940 Nazi invasion of his country and subsequent imprisonment of his father. In 1942, he joined the Resistance. His first assignment brough him in contact with the SOE (England's spy unit in World War II), and he was asked to join the agency after English superiors noted that they didn't have any spies with decent French accents.

In his first mission with the SOE, La Rochefoucauld blew up German rail tracks and an electrical station, before being caught and sentenced to death. But en route to his execution, he escaped.

Sprinting through the empty streets, he found himself in front of the Gestapo’s headquarters, where a chauffeur was pacing near a limousine bearing the swastika flag. Spotting the key in the ignition, La Rochefoucauld jumped in and roared off, following the Route Nationale past the prison he had left an hour earlier. 

He smashed through a roadblock before dumping the car and circling back towards Auxerre on foot under cover of night. He sheltered with an epicier. From Auxerre, friends in the Resistance helped him on to a train for Paris, where he evaded German soldiers hunting him by curling up underneath the sink in the lavatory. “When we arrived in Paris I felt drunk with freedom,” he recalled.

A year later, La Rochefoucauld successfully pulled off a mission where he blew up a factory while dressed as a worker. While he was captured when walking back to meet the contact who was to take him to England, he again escaped an execution by faking an epileptic fit, hitting a German guard over the head with a table before breaking his neck, and then killing two other guards while in disguise as a German soldier. 

We could go on: There are more incredible stories from his life that we don't have the time to include here. Check it out, and don't forget to tell us below who you think the Bro of the Week should be.

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