Bro of the Week is Full of of Heroes and Zeroes

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Taylor Morris
The U.S. Navy explosive disposal expert lost portions of both his legs, his left arm at the elbow and his right hand while on patrol in Afghanistan in 2007. Since then he’s shown an indomitable spirit, recovering at Walter Reed hospital in Washington, D.C. He remains tireless devoted to living a full and functioning life with prosthetics. He’s a millions times tougher than I’ll ever be and deserves a genuine thanks from Bros everywhere.

T. Boone Pickens
He’s richer than most everyone else in the world, loves sports, and is fiercely devoted to his alma mater, Oklahoma State. The oilman has donated $500 million to the Stillwater school. He’s also insanely confident, as evidenced by his pwning of Drake on Twitter. That takes some balls. And a fat wallet, too, I guess.

Eric Arty
J. Camm has gone on record that he’ll quit and move to North Korea if this 18-year-old Cassanova doesn’t win, so consider just how much you like his writing before making your choice. The Manhattan high schooler locked lips with his smoking-hot 26-year-old teacher to win a $500 bet he made with friends. Ethics be damned. This is just a feel-good story.

Kevin Hillery
The 22-year-old Bro became the first paraplegic to graduate from the U.S. Naval Academy. Yet another person overcoming remarkable odds when my day’s ruined by something as trivial as stepping in gum.

Mike Bost
The Illinois State Representative went batsh*t crazy at a recent meeting of important lawmakers. He yelled, screamed, and threw papers. He went full Bobby Knight. Good to see a politician show some passion out there.

Just a lot to choose from. Crazy people and inspirational figures standing side-by-side. You tell us. Who is the Bro of the Week?

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