BroBible’s New and Improved Forums are Open For Business

by 5 years ago

The Forums are a community where BroBible users can write personal stories; seek advice; vent about college or work; share your opinions, ideas; and more. The more you dive in and contribute posts and comments, the more valuable the Forums become.

Although many other sites have message boards or newsfeeds, few have content creation systems for their readers as robust as the Forums. We consider the Forums, then, a privilege: both for our readers who have a forum to share their stories with their peers, and also for our editors, who always welcome more voices to the conversation.

A Bro should feel encouraged to engage in a free-spired discussion or debate with his fellow Bros, so long as it follows these basic rules:

  • No full proper first and last names, including those of your friends, hookups, family, or other characters in your stories. Same goes for phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, Facebook links, social security numbers, credit card numbers, or any other identifying information.
  • No harassment or hate speech, which we define here as any story or comment or aside that demeans any group based on race or ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, physical appearance, or sexual orientation. 
  • No porn or nudity. BroBible is not a adult entertainment site. Pornographic videos are prohibited. 
  • No stolen content; original content only, please. Do not cut and paste published, copyrighted work from around the Web or elsewhere. Excerpts are fine (use quotes or italics) to indicate which content is not your own.
  • No posts devoted entirely to links or story excerpts from your own blog/site. These will be removed immediately, no questions asked. The best way for you to draw attention to your site is to Suggest a Link to the editors. We promise that, if we like your site, we'll send you more traffic via a link in one of our daily roundups than you can generate in a Brommunity post.
  • No spam. You'll be banned.

The BroBible staff reviews posts and comments to make sure everything is on the level. If a post or comment includes a violation of these guidelines, we will simply remove the content entirely and ban the user. Readers can also play a part in this by flagging any and all content that you deem violates these guidelines.

How to Post in The Forums

Posting in The Forums is a breeze. To get started, all you need to do is go to the Forums (using the Forums link located at the top of the site) and then click on the “Post” button that is located just above the Gear and Music sections (as seen below). 

After you hit the “post” button then you select which category your post falls into. For instance, if you're writing about Hockey or Football or even competitive sh*tting, then you'd want to post in the “Sports” section.

All that's left, after you select your topic du jour, is to add a title, write your post, and let other Bros comment about how gross it is that you sh*t competitively. Like I said: easy.

Now, get posting!

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