Our Bros of the Week Are Getting Kisses from Hooters Girls

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5. Hooters Guy 
Just by the comments on the video we posted earlier this week, this guy, who gets Hooters girls to kiss him, deserves a spot on the list. We're most impressed that he can take down a lot beer very quickly and then pull off that kiss stunt without spitting up a little bit on the hostess. Also, he's really pushing his luck with that turn-and-kiss — thankfully no one brought any sexual harassment lawsuits against him.
4. Marcus Williams
When Marcus Williams's former basketball coach called him a “future welfare recipient,” Marcus did the right thing: stood up for himself, asked the coach to repeat the derogatory comment on camera, and then talked to his dad about the situation and the coach's long history of such comments, before handing it off to proper officials. There's been a lot of talk about peer-vs.-peer bullying over the past couple years, but it's important to remember that coaches can cross the line, too, and no matter if it's blatant racism or physical abuse, a guy isn't any less of a Bro for calling the coach out on it.

3. Howard Keith
How much does it blow to get arrested and thrown in the back of a police cruiser? It probably blows even more when the arrest is for possession of illicit prescription drugs. Just-arrested Howard Keith took that sentiment literally, however, as he managed to get some road dome from his female accomplice in the back of the cop car. The best part was that he wasn’t even pressed with further charges after being caught with his dick getting some fresh air after the fellatio. After all, with both hands cuffed behind his back, he had to flip off the officer somehow. 

2. Eric LeGrand
Finally a story in college football that doesn’t have to do with some twisted pedophile and what he did in the locker room showers. Last year Eric LeGrand, a football player at Rutgers, collided with another player and was paralyzed from the neck down. When he got to the hospital, the doctor told him he would probably have to be hooked up to a respirator for the rest of his life. Do you think that stopped him? Hell no. Thirteen months after the incident, LeGrand is now able to move his head and shoulders. On Saturday he was honored at Rutger’s annual Senior Day before kickoff.
1. Men of Movember
Since we're more than halfway through Movember, we thought we'd give a shout out to all the Bros who are growing out their 'staches in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer. We're guessing you're getting close to Ron Swanson territory and encourage you to hold tight even if you're heading home for the holidays. Grandma won't mind, we promise, and Uncle Frank might go get a check-up. Also, Friday was “National Have Sex with a Man with a Moustache Day,” so ladies, if we extended that for the full week, would you please do us proud and support the movement with some encouragement of your own?

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