11 Types of Facebook Profile Pictures Guys Have and What They Mean

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The F*cked Up Picture (photo above)

We’ve all seen this before, and a lot of us have probably used one at some point. This picture simply shows that you’re a Bro that loves to have a good time. You’re at a party, concert, tailgate, or anything where getting f*cked up is involved, and there happened to be a picture taken of you that’s both hilarious and makes you look like the man. You don't care what people think when they see it, because you know you had a great f*cking time that night. While there is definitely a line to avoid with this type of picture, you’re all right as long as you don’t cross it and don’t have the interview of your life that Monday.

The Bros Picture

A classic go-to option. You can’t really go wrong with a picture of you and your boys together at a party or sporting event. It says look, these are my Bros and that’s not going to change any time soon. This isn't a picture with any friends at any party, this is you and your best Bros most likely looking awesome, doing something awesome, or both. People know these guys are your best friends. You probably do almost everything together, and you're not at all afraid to show it. This is an easy option for a Bro to use after he and his girl break-up, or maybe his f*cked up pic f*cked him over.

The Lady Killer Picture

Maybe an even better option for a Bro after a break-up, throw up a profile picture of you with 3 or more drunk and willing, but of course still respectable, girls. Similar to the f*cked up picture, as you’re probably f*cked up in this one too, the lady killer picture says look at me and look what I can do. I can nail any of these girls and I'll be doing the same thing again tomorrow. If you're actually bringing at least one of these girls home, then good for you, Bro. Pull that ass. But if you're not, and it's all for show, then you should be ashamed. 

The “Look At Me” Picture

Surprisingly, the “Look At Me” picture is one of the most dangerous a Bro can have, because they can be tons of different things, and can quickly turn into “I'm a Douche Bag” pictures. This could be a picture of a Bro at a cool place, or anything he wants to show off so people think he's the f*cking man. Maybe you were just on vacation somewhere awesome, you caught a screen shot of yourself on ESPN, or you’re with a famous Bro or smoke show. These pictures can be pretty solid options, but too many may make you seem like you’re craving “likes,” and the wrong ones just make you look like an absolute f*cking tool.


Yes, Mark Wahlberg is really f*cking cool. The problem is he's way cooler than you, Bro. That's why pictures with celebrities can be a no-no sometimes.


Tons of girls love dogs and puppies, and having one at your side can be very beneficial…in real life. If too many of your pictures are of you and your dog it may scream out that you possibly love dogs way too much, and you possibly have no friends.

Posing with your car

Oh, you can afford a car? You have a license? Pictures with or of cars as your profile picture can be some of the lamest attempts at trying to get people to think you're cool. The worst ones are when a dude takes a picture with a Ferrari that's parked on the street and not even remotely close to being his own. 

Topless mirror photos

First of all, I want to apologize to the University of Louisville for this embarrassment. The mirror pic, along with being shirtless, along with having that stupid face, just combine to make an absolute disaster. This would have even been lame on Myspace, Bro.

The Good-Guy Picture

Can't tell if the guy in the middle is smiling or smelling his own gas.

The good-guy picture may be a dude with his family, best friend, or even girlfriend. It’s simple, and you’re probably not trying to make any flashy statements. In fact, you may even be a smart Bro who wants to keep his Facebook clean. While there's nothing wrong with these pictures at all, if the majority of your pictures are of you and your mom, it may look like you have no friends. This picture is harmless, respectable and won't keep you from getting any jobs, but if it’s just you sitting in front of a solid background with a dumb grin on your face, don’t expect too many friend requests or job offers for that matter.

The Frat Star Picture

Your house is probably throwing a raging party, and you’re running the show. This picture makes both you and your fraternity look good, as hopefully everyone in the picture with you is drunk and having a great time. You love college and know that your fraternity is the greatest your campus has ever seen. The frat star picture could be a number of things: you and some of your brothers, you and some of your favorite sorority smokes, you being a f*cking boss at the day-long, or many more. Regardless, you know that your years at college are some of the most fun you'll ever have, and you're gonna f*cking show it.

The Frat Star In-The-Making Picture

Posting a picture of you as a little Bro has become pretty popular, and it's easy to see why. In some cases you just look like an absolute baller, and the opportunity can’t be passed up. You were a Bro back in the day, and just look at you now. A well-chosen mini Bro picture should automatically have girls telling you how cute you were, and if you play your cards right from there you should go straight to pound town. These work, but again come with dangers. If every one of your pictures is you at age 5, you may raise some confusion and questions as to whether or not you pick out your own clothes yet.

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