Finally, A Casket Maker is Using Hot Babes To Sell Its Product

By 11.05.12

Predictably, the prudes be trippin’ over this unique branding.

Polish casket manufacturer Linder published a sexy calendar of beautiful models posing seductively beside their products.

The gorgeous women appear topless or don skimpy lingerie, bikinis and corsets in scenes that feature bondage, burial, chalk outlines and other dark subjects.

The company intends to garner publicity and generate revenue with its erotically macabre calendar.

A spokesperson for the Catholic Church said that death should not be treated so lightly and deemed the calendar inappropriate.

OK, perhaps this isn’t in the BEST taste, but come on. How are you supposed to make death appealing without the sweet reward of voluptuous breasts? It seems like the casket-makers are caught between a rock and a hard place.

[New York Daily News]


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