Watch This Chick Take Us On A Tour Of Her Cheating Boyfriend’s Apartment After She Absolutely DESTROYED It

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SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CHEAT ON HER, BRO?? OIL EEEEEVVERYWHERE. I was praying to the Heavens above that she slipped on the oil but I’m a twisted soul who enjoys seeing grieving lovers sink to even lower depths. But her taking us on a jilted lovers tour of a massacred apartment coupled with a hairline fracture to the pelvis SCREAMS page views. At the very least, I hope this is a two-part series where the second video shows the boyfriend walking into his newly fashioned home. Hopefully with his side piece. And it’s his girlfriend’s sister. Better yet, her mom. Best yet, her sister and her mom. While the dad films. Should I stop now? No, not yet. And they all strut through the front door on the back of a rainbow-colored unicorn. Naked. And they have a floppy dildo sword fight to the death. This is getting dark.

I am truly sorry that the relationship ended in such a volatile manner. Lol.

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