Chicken Wings Are Coming to McDonald’s, Brought to You By This Incredible Photo of Ronald Creepin’

By 08.28.13

According to Bloomberg

The wings are flavored with cayenne and chili pepper and come with sauces including creamy ranch, honey mustard and tangy barbecue. They will be sold in three-, five- or 10-piece packs, starting at $2.99.

I know this is a terrible visualization, and the company has claimed that they do not make their chicken products this way, but I can't help but to think the production process of these wings is just McDonald's grabbing a bunch of discarded chicken bones from a dumpster and wrapping them in that pink goo which was rumored to be used in their McNuggets. All the while, Ronald sits in his ivory tower, clown pants at his ankles, fapping to that time he met Heather Locklear. I don't know, seems plausible. 

[McDonald's image via ShutterStock]

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