A Serious Eats Blogger Ate Cinnabon’s ‘Pizzabon’ and Lived to Tell the Tale

by 5 years ago

At least one man was lucky enough to try it out in Atlanta yesterday—Serious Eats' Todd Brock. He came back with this report:

What I had before me was clearly a cinnamon-bunlike spiral of dough with a sprinkling of cheese in various stages of meltitude, and a slice of pepperoni cut into bits. This was feeling less like some new fast-food monstrosity and more like a subtle twist on a bagel bite.

Overall, it actually wasn't terrible. It's very doughy‐exponentially doughier than even your deepest deep-dish pie. It reminded me of those homemade pizza treats that Mom cobbled together with a tube of refrigerated dough and a jar of sauce when you had a sleepover. All of the ingredients were there, but with a disproportionate amount of dough. It's a pizza-flavored wad of dough. Soft, tasty, familiar, dense dough… just a whole lot of it.

It seems like it's too early to tell whether the Pizzabon will enter the fast food monstrosity pantheon with the Double Down sandwich and the Ground Bacon burger. The comparatively small size certainly does hurt its case. However, we're still definitely intrigued.

If you're in the Atlanta area, you can pick up a free Pizzabon this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Cumberland Mall.

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