CNBC Lists 25 Guys to Avoid on Wall Street

By 02.24.11

1. Avoid the guy who calls you 'Chief'.  He doesn't remember your name.

2. Avoid the guy who went to Hotchkiss and Yale and wears Nantucket reds during the summer. He doesn't think you belong. 

3. Avoid the dim-witted back-slapping managing director. He's not as smart as you are—but he's been throwing guys like you under the bus since you were in grade school. 

4. Avoid the consultant hired by the dumb managing director to do his math for him. Not only will he throw you under the bus, he's smarter than you are. 

5. Avoid the guy who always wants you to be his alibi when he cheats on his wife. (“Hey man, is it cool if I tell Kathy that we're going fly fishing in Canada this weekend?”). No, dude: It's not cool. 

6. Avoid the guy who keeps failing the CFA Level 1. He's looking for someone to blame.

7. Avoid the girl who cries at her desk. (You can ignore my advice on this one—but either way, you won't make that mistake twice.) 

Go to CNBC for the rest of the list….

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