College Basketball Player has One Crappy Monday

by 6 years ago

Leonard was informed Monday night that he had been kicked off the Fresno Pacific University basketball team for a violation of team rules. Leonard — who decided that not only did he want to lose his dream of playing college basketball, but also go to jail — proceeded to go on a rampage for the record books. First he tore up his apartment, then stripped nekked and ran around the street. But good old Leonard wasn’t done yetl he then knocked over a women at a gas station, tried to steal a cop car, with the cop present, got attacked by his police dog, kicked it off himself and got tased three times before being subdued.

Though the article doesn’t mention whether Leonard was drunk or high during the incident I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume he was. Too bad cameras weren’t present it has all the makings of a great episode of Cops.

Courtesy of the Fresno Bee

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