Craigslist Lost and Found: Suitcase Found With $78,383 In Cash

by 8 years ago

Occasionally BroBible readers send us ridiculous posts on Craigslist. Today's post is stranger than fiction and comes from New York City's “Lost and Found” section, where someone is claiming that they've retrieved (or, as a drug kingpin or disgruntled mobster would probably put it, “intercepted”), a suitcase stuffed with $78,383 in cold cash. The poster, who we assume is a guy, doesn't say where he found the mysterious suitcase. For obvious reasons, the scene is reminiscent to the opening premise of “No Country For Old Men.” If the posting is real and no one comes forward, what should the couple do with the money? If you happen to stumble upon something awesome and obscure on Craigslist, send it to Check out today's Craigslist find of the day after the jump.


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