This Crazy Woman Cut Off Another Woman’s Boobs With SCISSORS Because She Thought She Was Her Husband’s Mistress

By 08.04.14

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This has nothing to do with a woman being pissed about her husband possibly having a mistress. No, this bitch is just nucking futz. No one’s first reaction, even if you’re told “Hey I just murdered your entire family and then pooped in your mailbox, teehee!” would be to cut someone’s tits off. And even if that was your first reaction, you wouldn’t go to town on some boobs with a friggin’ pair of SCISSORS. For one, that’s more work for you in the long run, and two, that’d take SO LONG to do. Whaddya think, maybe an hour? An hour straight of slicing boobs. To put that into perspective, I can barely sit through an entire episode of Family Guy. That shit’s only 30 minutes long and doesn’t require any physical activity whatsoever, but none of those reasonable thoughts ever crossed Meng Tsao’s mind.

” The assault is said to have happened in the Chinese city of Heshan in south-eastern Guangdong province, when Xiao Lin, 27, was at home watching TV.
She later told her husband, Xiao Luo, 28, that she had gone to answer the door but someone had kicked it, knocking her in the head and making her fall to the floor.
A bag was put over her head before she was stripped and tied up, she claimed.
Her husband told local media: ‘She thought maybe it was a sex attacker but it was something much worse. The attacker cut off her breasts with a pair of scissors.'”

Via Mirror

What. The fuck.

” According to detectives who arrested Meng, she admitted carrying out the attack and said it was because the other woman had stolen her husband.
However, when they spoke to the alleged attacker’s husband, Meng Pan, he denied that he had been in an affair with Xiao Lin, although he did have a crush on her – but said she had turned him down.
He said he had once told his wife that he found Xiao Lin attractive, so when he then decided to file for divorce, his wife had become convinced that she was to blame and decided to get revenge.”

Via Mirror

Revenge on WHAT? She didn’t DO anything you stupid bitch, if anything she kept your husband from cheating on your in the first place by turning him down. Just another reason…


[H/T Mirror]


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