How NOT to Pick-Up Girls at the Gym, As Told By a Girl Who Was Creeped On By a Note-Passing Bro

by 4 years ago

We asked her about this pick-up tactic. Here's what she had to say: 

So what happened?

Last night, I decided to bike so I could watch the Kardashians Holiday special with my head phones in. When he walked by my bike for the second time around he quickly did the “hand off” and gestured not to take my head phones out and to read the message as he walked away. 

What did the guy look like?

He was an attractive guy, but not exactly my type…Tall, muscular and had dark facial features. This sounds like my type but he's not exactly what I'm looking for, ha. 

What was your reaction? Flattered? Creeped out? Switching gyms? 

I was slightly embarrassed because the really cute guy a few bikes down from me was watching the whole thing. I read the note and of course was flattered but just can't comprehend how I get picked up more so in a gym when I'm all sweaty, greasy, and smelly then out at the bar when I'm dressed to the hills. Anyways, I wouldn't say creeped out completely but he shouldn't have put the word creepy in the message because now it is creepy. The compliment would have been good alone. I can't say I'm switching gyms but I will probably be switching my typical work out time. Haha, so awkward what am I supposed to say if I see him again… There was no number. I guess he's confident enough he will see me again in the and take it from there.

Would you actually date the guy?

Well, probably not but maybe if we have a good conversation.

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