If You Feel Uncomfortable When A Doctor Feels Your Balls, This Story Will Make You Cancel Your Next Appointment

By 12.06.16


The most stressful part about going to the doctor is lying to his face about how much you drink and do drugs and trying not to laugh when he asks if you use protection during sex. I’d say that a close second is when the doc (a stranger) (also a man) tries desperately to make small talk while he fondles your testes in search of lumps. I’m terrified of popping wood in these situations, not because I’m turned on, but because my penis wakes up when it gets touched by something other than my own right hand.

Well, what happened in this London, England hospital has made me reschedule my next doctor’s appointment to the day after never.

A physician at the Ealing Hospital in London has gone on trial denying that he sexually assaulted a 21-year-old patient. The victim visited Dr Paul Andrew Fox in september 2015 after being diagnosed with the non-sexual infection called prostatisis.

According to Metro,

The examination involves the massaging of the prostate for a fluid sample, the court was told.

He failed to attend an appointment so Dr Fox, who is currently suspended from his job at Ealing Hospital, called him and asked him to attend another appointment.

It was alleged that the victim was asked to strip and go on his hands and knees.

However, Dr Fox is alleged to have continued to touch his victim’s penis after the sample was taken and he became semi-erect.

The court heard that Dr Fox told him ‘I think we’re getting it’, continued to touch him.

So you’d think that the “victim” in this scenario would have used his safe word after starting to get a chubby. Dr. Fox has obviously crossed the line between a health exam and acquiring a semen sample for his own personal consumption. The victim, however, remained a victim.

Prosecutor Eloise Marshall said: ‘It was at this point that Dr Fox took his penis and placed it in his mouth and sucked it.

‘(The complainant) was shocked by this. He touched Dr Fox’s shoulder in a bid to get this to stop. After a short period he ejaculated in to Dr Fox’s mouth.

‘He did not see what Dr Fox did with the semen in his mouth but it is his belief that Dr Fox swallowed it.’

The victim told police that he said ‘take it as a sign of appreciation’ but he felt confused and angry.

Yo victim, you can’t have your nut and have Dr. Fox eat it too. That’s like scarfing down an entree at The Cheesecake Factory then telling the waiter it was undercooked and demanding a refund. Case dismissed.

[h/t Metro]

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