Here’s Clips from a Documentary that Chronicles Detroit Firefighters

by 6 years ago

This doc*mentary, “BURN,” is an action-packed, character-driven feature doc*mentary about Detroit firefighters, who welcome the thankless challenge of saving a city that looks like a set of “Walking Dead.”

Detroit has become a wasteland since the recession sent the Detroit auto industry into a downward spiral. The city has been ravaged by record foreclosures and is leading the nation in unemployment. These brave firefighters charge into abandoned buildings to prevent Detroit from burning down much like it did in 1805. A third of properties in the city are empty, including vast numbers of lots vacant as a result of house fires.

The footage of this trailer is aimed at raising funding for the full-length feature doc*mentary, “Burn.”. They have been filming since December 2010. The film is 95% shot, but only 70% funded. If they are able to raise their finishing funds, they will be able to deliver the film for a Spring 2012 festival premiere.

The gallant firefighters in Detroit strapped HD cameras on their helmets to film this short doc*mentary as they went about their dangerous day-to-day work.

BURN – Footage shot with Contour HD helmet cameras from Tom Putnam on Vimeo.


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