Donald Trump Jr. Dropped The Hottest Meme Of 2016 And Oh Yea It Involves Skittles And Syrian Refugees Killing You

By 09.19.16
Republican National Convention: Day Two

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Presented without mother fucking comment, because only one question in 2016 matters: WOULD YOU TAKE A HANDFUL OF DEATH SKITTLES?????

(Please note: Skittles have never killed anyone, Syrian refugees have never killed anyone in the U.S., and ONLY A FUCKING PUSSY WOULDN’T GRAB A HANDFUL OF DEATH SKITTLES AND CHOMP THEM DOWN.)

Bitch ass son of a presidential wannabe. Eat the fucking death skittles. Fuckin Jenna Bush woulda inhaled ’em if there was even the slightest chance it’d get her high.

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