Genius Uses His Drone To Deliver KFC Fried Chicken To Him

by 8 months ago

The world can not wait for the day that drones are able to deliver pizza, Chipotle, beer, and products for Amazon. But a man from New Zealand can not wait for the world to offer drone delivery services, so he created his own drone delivery service.

Ollie Mason-Clarke, who runs the site King of Cheat Meals, desired some crispy KFC so he used his trusty drone to deliver the fried chicken.

Mason-Clarke made arrangements with his local KFC restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand to have his drone pick-up an order of fried chicken. I hope he made arrangements with every hungry person on the flight path of the drone carrying KFC because that shit would get snagged in a second in most neighborhoods.

Mason-Clarke told the New Zealand Herald that his food drone was not a guerilla marketing stunt, but rather a “fun project” that he came up with.

“It’s a cleverly constructed and fun piece of fan-made content by the King of Cheat Meals,” a spokesperson for Restaurant Brands said. “KFC’s ops team, health and safety manager and store manager to ensure safety of staff and customers during filming.”

We’re so close to a world where you can plop your fat ass on your couch and have meals delivered right to you. Your fat gut could even make for a substantial landing pad. What a wonderful world it would be.


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