Drunk Bro Falls Asleep In Broad Daylight and In the Most Uncomfortable Position Possible

by 5 years ago

Per the email:

It was around 6:30pm yesterday (Sunday) evening as we were walking down 21st street in Manhattan when came up on this Bro. We were not sure how long this dude was there but it takes some real skills to get so hammered that you can pass out standing up with iPhone in hand.  Maybe he cheated and mixed in some Heroin into his drinks because this is some tremendous balance. Look at that stance…his ankle must be killing him today.

Also, I'm not sure if this was his Mercedes he was leaning on or not but judging by his watermelon colored shorts, Nyack tee shirt and boat shoes it's probably his or one of his buddies still in the bar getting equally as wrecked.

Goddamn, that stance really is no joke. WHO THE HELL STANDS LIKE THAT? And tipster is right, dude's ankle had to be stiffer than fibered-out shit when someone finally woke him up and peeled him off that car.

If anyone knows this man, please contact me at Jason(at)BroBIble(dot)com with more details about where I can get some of the shit he was high on how this all transpired. 

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