The Moment A Dude Literally Caught His Wife In Bed With Another Man And Fought Him

By 12.29.16

You never want to get cheated on, especially to a guy who wears black socks to bed. But alas, this was tragic situation a husband found himself in when he caught his wife red-handed with another man in bed.

The scorned husband doesn’t do anything to the cheating wife and instead he immediately takes his frustrations out on the man who not long ago was probably inside his wife.

While the wife took a pounding earlier in the evening, the man she slept with did not because the husband is HORRIBLE at fighting. The husband missed so many punches, had a pitiful attempt at a body slam, and was basically dancing with the gentlemen who’s tallywacker still smells like his wife’s cock socket.

Maybe he should have said, “Congratulations, this hussy is all yours now,” and then sold all her shit on Craigslist.

I’m just wondering who recorded the video?

If this dude fucks like he fights then I really can’t blame the wife for seeking satisfaction elsewhere.

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