Dude Cracks Open A Girl’s Skull By Hitting Her Upside The Head With A Skateboard In Street Fight

By 03.29.15

You can’t really see what’s going on in this video, but by golly can you hear it. THWWWUMP. Crack. Right up side the skull.

16-year-old Brooklyn Smith was on the receiving end of that blow above for, allegedly, being in a part of town rival skateboarders told her to avoid.

Which, by teen logic, most certainly merits a slug to the skull. (Note: by any normal, human logic, walking somewhere in the world does not). Friendly reminder, teens are terrible.

Smith had a four-inch long gash in her head which required staples. Her boyfriend was also injured, losing a tooth and needing nine stitches.

Police are seeking two assailants wanted for the assault.

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