This Dude Has Been Transforming People’s Everyday Photos Into Movie Posters And They’re Fascinating

By 02.21.16

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If someone were to transform an everyday picture from your life into a movie poster, what would it be called? Here’s some speculation as to what mine would be: Drunk, Again. Swiping Right. Buffering: A Pornhub Addiction. I don’t know, just guesses. Based on life choices.

Well, a redditor known as Your_Post_As_A_Movie has been transforming people’s photos posted in r/Pics and reimagining them as epic movie poster photos–complete with titles, tag lines, and release dates. It’s fascinating how a slight color tint or change in hue can turn a JV photo into a Varsity one.

I’d see at least half of these hypothetical movies.

movie poster

movie poster 2

movie poster 3

movie poster 4

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