An Egyptian Man Fights a Lion in the Most Boring Man vs. Lion Cage Match You’ll Witness Today

by 6 years ago

Via the WSJ:

To pull off his latest feat, Mr. Al Essawy bought a 6-year-old lion for 25,000 Egyptian pounds, or about $4,250, five months ago from someone he declined to identify. He paid to build a 700-square-foot steel cage in the middle of a wheat field here, in the verdant Nile River Delta. He hired buses to transport hundreds of spectators from the city of Mansoura, about an hour away.

On Saturday Mr. Al Essawy stepped into the cage, which was painted like an Egyptian flag, sporting a ponytail, a tank top scrawled with a pro-Palestinian slogan and the traditional Palestinian headdress, a kafiya, wrapped around his neck.After 20 minutes of watching the swaggering and speech-making, the lion briefly roused itself for a short roar when Mr. Al Essawy thrust his spear a little too close. But when Mr. Al Essawy hardened his jaw and grinned aggressively, the lion sat down, apparently unmoved even when Mr. Al Essawy called it a coward.

In otherwords, worst lion fight ever.

But what could be worse? This cliffhanger at the end of the WSJ profile noting Al-Sayed al-Essawy is now planning on fighting two lions at once. Or a gorilla. Or a shark. We're in favor of him battling all four animals at once.


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