Escape For Good: Dress Up as a Superhero for 24 Hours and Win $10,000 for the Charity of Your Choice

by 5 years ago

The teams, who have been fundraising for their charities and rallying support from friends and family, will set off with only 24 hours to get as far away from NYC as possible. The winning team will receive a $10K prize to be donated to their charity of choice. The catch- they cannot bring cash or credit cards, and must rely on their persuasive powers of wit and charm, all the while in character and dressed like their favorite hero. Each team’s journey will be broadcast on various social media outlets including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Winners will be announced on October 30th at an award ceremony and Halloween extravaganza at The Double Seven NYC. 

“Imagine 24 hours to get as far as you can with no money – what would you do? Escape For Good is breaking the mold of normal charity events—making a scene to redefine the process of giving. Our ultimate goal is to create unforgettable moments and have a blast in support of everyone’s favorite charities,” says founder Rocco Gardner.

To sign up to enter teams must pay a $100 registration fee by going to and then choose the charity they will compete to win the prize for. The team that makes it the farthest distance from the Milk Studios start line will win the $10,000 for their charity of choice. Another way of raising money for their charity is to create a fundraiser on Entry fee ensures entry into The Double Seven NYC award party.


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