Eskimo Bros Name Bar After Their Mutual Ex-Girlfriend; Ex-GF Surprisingly Cool With It

By 11.15.13

So it is for tatted-up New Yorkers Brett David and Stephen Yorsz, who are opening a bar this week called “Leave Rochelle Out of This,” named for their mutual ex-girlfriend Rochelle. What interaction brought about this spark of genius? From the New York Post:

Brett: We had this business plan for an awesome whiskey bar that’s both neighborhood and destination for the past year.

Steve: We had to come up with a name — something we had in common.

Brett: I told Steve, ‘We have 1,000 things in common, but leave Rochelle out of it.’


*Record scratch*

*Cue “The Heat is On,” montage of Brett and Steve building a sign that says “Rochelle”*

This backstory is actually pretty funny, too. Brett met Rochelle while she was a hostess at a restaurant called Pastis. They dated for a short period of time, spent a weekend in Miami, but soon decided to break it off. A couple of years later, Steve—who wears sleeveless shirts and looks like Mac from It's Always Sunny—met Rochelle and they “connected.” He asked Brett for permission to date. Again from the NY Post:

Steve Yorsz: I’ve known Brett for almost a decade and had heard Rochelle’s name a million times. It wasn’t until one of his legendary barbecues in his old UWS pad that I met the fair Rochelle in 2009. When I got his blessing, it was on.

Brett: Who said I gave you my blessing?

Steve: [Looks down at his drink.]


Alright! Someone's going to end up dead in a whiskey barrel.

[H/T: Eater]

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