Presenting Evening Agent: The Best New Way To Rage

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Evening Agent was founded by CEO Tyler Breton (right) and Partners Ryan Holcomb (left) & Will Eady as a way to simplify the often complicated table reservation process. The service provides members with a remarkably personal experience, enabling users to make custom table reservations online without having to endure the usual (and often expensive) process that has previously come with the territory.

The site is easy to use and very straightforward. To join simply apply through Facebook, or submit an Evening Agent application. Potential users are pre-screened in order to ensure safety and desirability, in turn providing members with the best possible user experience. Once accepted, a member is able to explore the various nightlife locales, browse venue information, floor-plans, and secure a reservation at the desired club for the desired date. Registration is completely free.

Evening Agent currently features some of LA’s hottest venues, including SBE (Colony, MyStudio, Eden, Greystone Manor), Boulevard Nightlife Group (Supperclub, Hemingways, Roxbury), Ultra Ecco Lounge, Playhouse, and many more. Evening Agent already has ten clubs committed for its San Diego expansion, and is primed to invade a city near you sooner rather than later.

The service is committed to providing its clientele with the highest level of professionalism, and will be hosting a number of exclusive events throughout the course of each year. More information regarding these will be available within the coming months.

If all of this wasn’t enticing enough, here’s the best part: a reservation with Evening Agent requires only a 7.5% downpayment, which, upon completion at the club, is completely refunded. This means that the reservation process is TOTALLY FREE. No gimmicks, no alternative purchases. Just some really solid memories. 

Check out the site and give Evening Agent a whirl. You won’t be disappointed.


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