Couple Attempts to Explode a Car By Using Flaming Tampons

by 6 years ago

Meet Patricia Deshong and Quentin Deshong of Pennsylvania. They're truly in love, they do everything together, go to the movies, enjoy romantic dinners, and destroy cars together. On January 7 the Deshongs violently damaged a 2006 Ford Fusion by denting the vehicle, breaking and cracking the windows, and several hoses under the hood were yanked off. The interior of the car had blood on the front passenger seat. The car's gas cap had been removed and inside the tank sat numerous tampons, not because the Ford was menstruating, but because the Deshongs most likely attempted to light the sanitary napkins on fire and stuff them into the tank to blow up the car. The Deshongs weren't done with their Kotex shenanigans because there was also tampons and ashes in and around the motor oil compartment. Looks like someone has been watching too many 90's action movies. Because there was blood on the seats, the question that must be asked, “Were the tampons used?”

The reason for all this vag rag violence is not clear. The owner of the car is Falon Clark, and she is a Facebook friend of Patricia Deshong. I always say people are so fake on Facebook. Alcohol may have played a part in the attack because Gary Boggs, a friend of Clark’s informed the authorities that Patricia had thrown a beer bottle through the rear window of his Ford F-150 truck, but it is not known when that incident occurred.

Patricia, 25, and Quentin, 22 were arrested for attempted arson, public drunkenness, and criminal mischief. Patricia was also charged with theft because she was found with the stolen license plate from the wrecked car and the vehicle’s registration card. It gets better for Patricia because she was charged with making terroristic threats after she “made threats stating that she was going to f*cking kill” a trooper following her release. The Deshongs were released last Tuesday after they both posted $25,000 bond. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is the worst case of PMS ever.

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