Your Account Is Worth Around $1 to Facebook

By 07.26.12

This number comes from the reported number of monthly active users on the website—955 million—and the revenue generated by the company in the second quarter of 2012—around $1.1 billion. With the bulk of the revenue coming from people actually clicking on ads, that's a pretty staggering amount of money. How many times have you actually clicked on an ad? Is it all bored housewives playing “Farmville?”

Here's what Mark Zuckerberg had to say on the occasion:

“Our goal is to help every person stay connected and every product they use be a great social experience,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO. “That's why we're so focused on investing in our priorities of mobile, platform and social ads to help people have these experiences with their friends.”

Sometimes I wish he was as interesting as his totally fictional depiction in “The Social Network.”

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