Female Teacher Tells Student To ‘Lick Me Where I Fart’

By 09.17.16

With you being a savvy and intelligent individual who peruses BroBible regularly, you know that there seems to be A LOT of female teachers getting involved in sexual relationships with their underage students despite it being illegal. And knowing that, one would imagine that the headline of “Female Teacher Tells Student To ‘Lick Me Where I Fart'” would be yet another dirty teacher/student sex scandal. However, despite as sexy as it sounds, you would be incorrect. This is allegedly the not silent and not deadly insult that a foul-mouthed teacher said to a student.

Dunnville Secondary School English teacher Jennifer Elizabeth Green-Johnson appears to be a woman who doesn’t take any guff. She apparently got into a real kerfuffle with a student and allegedly told the kid, “Why don’t you lick me where I fart.” In this age of controversial teacher/student relationships, I honestly do not know if she is roasting the student or hitting on the kid.

However, Green-Johnson has been accused of shit-talking about other student and was suspended for 30 days last January for professional misconduct. Way to ruin that whole “Canadians are super nice, eh” stereotype.

Here are the most recent allegations against Green-Johnson:

  • She slapped a student on head, called him an idiot and told him to “grow some balls.”
  • Green-Johnson allegedly called one student a “bloody pedophile.”
  • Reportedly told a female student she “looked like a frumpy old lady today.”
  • In the earlier disciplinary action, she slammed her students as stupids, idiots, gay and a “bitch.”

Jeez lady, tell the students how you really feel. This is the real life version of Billy Bob Thornton’s character from Bad Santa if they were a teacher.

She has been suspended without pay.

On ratemyteachers.com, she has a score of 2.7 out of 5.

One comment said, “Awful teacher. Bully to all students. Swears at students all the time, and laughs if you don’t know the correct answer.”


Okay, I kind of love this teacher’s proficient use of embarrassment as motivation for her students.

P.S. I just changed my fantasy football team name to “Lick Me Where I Fart.”


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