For Sale: A Jar of Farts

by 6 years ago

Of all the whimsical items for purchase on eBay, this is one of the stinkiest. Seller kbug1978 has a very unique product for sale, farts. It's not just farts, it's her farts in a very dainty, charming jar.

Here's the details on this precious eBay trinket:

Okay so here is the story. I joined the gym and started to eat right. Well apparently my body is not used to the “Healthy Food” that its been given and is giving me some pretty harsh smelling gas. You  know the ones that kind of burn when they come out. Well, I farted by my brother and it made him literally sick. He said I should “Sell That Sh*t” So I decided to take his word for it. I have been doing research on the best ways to fart in a container and have the smell be just as potent as a fresh fart. So not to give you all my details it starts in the tub. That way I am able to capture a fairly pure fart uncontaminated by atmospheric air. So if you want a REAL gag gift….this would be great! ( I have tested farts up to two weeks and they are still 100% potent as the first fart) When you purchase the Fart In a Jar, I will also be sending a picture of myself! Thanks for looking….Have a great day.

So this girl is attempting to make some money on her colon cleanse? America, what a country! The good news is that the auction for this container of sh*t wind is ongoing and you still have two days to purchase this container of rectum puff. The winning bid is merely $2.50, so if you want a jar of farts, it won't set you back a lot. No offense to this fine lady, but if this was say the ass gas of say Irina Shayk or Kate Upton, I'd imagine that the bids would be in the tens of thousands of dollars.

If you want to be a flatulence entrepreneur, here's a video on how you to jar your very own stink dust.

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