Fourth of July Drinking Games: Shake It Up and Roll the Dice

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  • Pair of dice
  • A cup
  • Beers

While this weekend is a celebration of everything that is American, I felt that we needed to venture below the border for this first game. The point of the game is bluffing, so for all you liars and stone faces out there, this game will be to your liking.

Mexican starts by placing the dice in a cup, shaking them up, then slamming the cup upside down on the table. Take a peek at what you have without allowing anybody else to see — you want your roll to beat or tie the previous roll such that the cup will be passed on. If you bluff and get caught you have to drink. If your roll is in fact better then the person who tried to call your bluff, then they have to drink.

The rules regarding the value of the roll are based on the outcome of the two digits formed when the numbers are placed side by side. For example, a 3 and 5 would be “53” (always take the higher combination). Rolling doubles means you take the number and multiply it by 100 (e.g. double 4s would be “400”). There are also some special rolls as well: “31” means “sc*mbag” where the roller will have to consume a drink and then the order is reversed the other way around the table; “32” is a social where everybody has to drink. Both sc*mbag and social cancel out the previous roll such that there is no need to beat out the other guy. The final special roll is “21” or Mexican, which beats out every score but also requires more drinking. If you either are caught bluffing Mexican or call somebody out who actually has one, then the respective person has finish their entire drink.

You can determine the amount of beers each person has, but the first person to finish their drinks is knocked out of the game making the last person standing the victor. Just so you understand, you have to either tie the previous roll or beat it in order for the next person to roll, otherwise the person who has been caught bluffing with a lesser roll will continue until they either successfully bluff, beat, or tie the previous score.



  • At least 4 or 5 people
  • Pair of dice
  • A timer or watch
  • 2 shot glasses
  • Beers

This game is a bout between two people who are each equipped with a trainer, and a fifth person can play the referee is you choose to have one. Each player starts with one die, a shot glass, and an equal amount of beer as their opponent. The trainer for each side is required to fill the beer for their fighter and keep track of how many drinks they have taken. The referee starts the fight and keeps track of the time for each round.

The game’s objective is to roll a higher number than the opponent, and the one who loses has to drink what has been poured for them, with their trainer filling the shot glass right back up. This process continues until the round is completed, and the number of rounds is subjective to how long you want each bout to last. You can also vary how long each round is, but anywhere between 1 and 3 minutes is recommended. I think this game works perfectly with 2 to 3 beers per fighter and 3 to 5 rounds with each round lasting 2 minutes.

The winner is chosen as a result of who has won the most rolls or through a knockout, where the person has lost so many rolls before the bout has finished that they have no more beer remaining. Remember, the trainer’s role is very important: not only must they keep refilling the shot glasses, but they MUST keep track of the amount of drinks their fighter has drunk. Otherwise, no winner can be determined.



  • Pair of dice
  • Beers
  • Some form of liquor with shot glasses

This game is similar to “Three Man,” but the rules are definitely much simpler, and since it involves the number 6 quite bit, I'm naming my version “Sixes.” A person rolls the dice and if they get anything that adds up to 6 (e.g. 2-4, 1-5) or has a 6 in it (e.g. 6-1, 6-2, 6-3, etc.) then they have to take a drink of beer. Rolling a double 2, 4, or 5, requires chugging of beer for the amount of time you rolled (e.g. double 4 is 4 seconds of chugging). A double 3 is twice the penalty for adding up to 6, thus you must take a chug for 6 seconds.

The next part is my favorite aspect of the game, and will truly be the part where you will start advancing your buzz factor. Rolling a double 1 or double 6 results in a shot with the poison of your choice; my suggestion: tequila. If you land any of the aforementioned combinations then you have to continue rolling until you get a series that does not reward a drink. The final nail in the coffin is that rolling the dice off the table results in the same penalty as adding up to six: a nice gulp of beer.

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