Two Geniuses Do Heroin Outside A Police Station

By 06.28.12

Ilyass Nabih, 25, and Thony Sengsoulya, 29, were arrested on Monday after cops spotted them parked outside the Lawrence Police station in Massachusetts allegedly trying to shoot heroin, CBS News reports.

“The officer observed a vehicle parked in a police parking spot, which is restricted area for police vehicles only and the car was actually at an angle where it was taking up a couple of spots,” Lawrence Police Chief John Romero told CBS Boston.

“He was holding a needle,” Goujon said, referring to Nabih, who was in the driver's seat. “I said, 'You're shooting up right in front of the police station?' He said, 'I know, I messed up.' I couldn't believe the audacity.”

Nabih, of Nashua, New Hampshire, has been charged with heroin possession.

Tremendous foresight by these two individuals. Definitely a new “high” for humanity.  

[H/T: Huffington Post]

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