Adult Film Star and Girl-On-Girl Specialist Kayla-Jane Danger Answers 7 Burning Questions

By 09.27.13

Q: You hear a lot of horror stories of porn stars being discriminated against due to their past when they leave porn. Do you think working in porn is worth what you guys give up?

A: I knew what I was getting into when I joined the industry. It wasn't something I just jumped into or did haphazardly. On the contrary, I thought about my future, my other assets and education, and made the informed decision to join the adult industry. I have options “after porn” that don't leave me exposed or looking for a desk job, and mostly keep me in the position of being my own boss. Don't get me wrong, I feel the heat. Chase Bank recently dropped my production company, KJD Media, due to its involvement in the industry. I don't think of it as giving up things for this lifestyle or career, because this is what I have always known, since I was 18. When I leave this industry for good, I will continue to own and operate my own business probably revolving around SCUBA diving and food.

Q: What is your favorite position?

A: This is hard to say. There are so many good ones to choose from, and a few that I am sure have names that I just don't know and I won't do justice to without visual explanation. I LOVE good ol' Doggy Style though; there is something about the way that either of us can be in control in that position, and that I can get a reach around!

Q: So clearly you're fucking gorgeous and you surely know that! But I'm curious from your point of view what makes a guy stand out? What's the most important thing about a guy to you?

A: The guy that doesn't stand out, stands out the most to me. There is something about confidence without the ego that is so much sexier than some guy that thinks he is the man and struts like it. I will take a stab at the guy that is cool kicking it with his dudes, over the one trying to take body shots off me.

Q: When shooting a scene and you get to the part when you're blowing the guy, does he always finish before he starts banging you or do they all have superhero stamina?

A: I don't perform with guys, or shoot them in my movies; so luckily for me I don't need to worry about that. I will say that one of the best parts about performing with and shooting with girls (hell being with girls in bed in general) is our ability to have multiple orgasms, one right after the other sometimes, and sometimes stretched out over time. I don't have to worry about cumming too soon or if the girl will be able to last. Not that we can't wear each other out after a while, but I'd like to say I've got great stamina.


Q: My girlfriend doesn't like to let me finish in her mouth when she blows me. Problem is the Ol' jerk till he cums thing takes a while for me and kinda gets frustrating. How do I convince her to let me cum in her mouth?

A: Hmmm…this a tough one. Do you eat her pussy? Does she cum in your mouth? Try that on for size, and don't let her fake it. Clamp your mouth down once she has “made it clear” she has gotten off and keep going at it. Tongue her until she is clamped around her head with all 4 limbs, clawing at you and crying out. Then when it comes time to get your dick sucked, it should be like “Baby, remember how good it felt when you came in my mouth, my tongue didn't stop? I kept going til you couldn't take it anymore, so will you do that for me?” Or, you could be a dick and just grab the back of her head and fuck her face. 😉

Q: How did you get into porn?

A: I was a go-go dancer in NYC and happened to run with a crowd of girls that I had no idea were naked on the Internet. Turns out they were Burning Angels, and soon after I turned 18, I decided to jump on board and strip down for my first naughty shoot. After that, I was hooked. I have always been an exhibitionist, so it seemed only natural for me to get naked and have some fun! I guess you could say the rest is history!

Q: My wife doesn't like anal, but it is the only way I can get off. I'm not gay I just love the feeling of the sphincter contracting like nothing else. What would you tell her, as a girlfriend, to help me get in the butt?

A: First, I would tell her you are lying; there is no such thing, as “I can only get off from anal”.  If you are already married, where was your sexual communication through your dating phase?!  If that’s really what you wanted you should have started using anal play as part of your foreplay or sex. Use your finger and/or use your tongue; get her prepared before you ask to put your whole dick in her ass. If she doesn't want it from you, she probably hasn't done it before or had a bad experience, so explore it with her before dropping the bomb all at once. Explore it in bed and verbally; this is always good advice when it comes to anything in the sack. Also, think about how pleasurable it is for you, but that it could very well be equally as un-pleasurable for your wife/girlfriend, and that the first time with her you may not even enjoy it because of the discomfort she is in, how long it might take, and/or how awkward it might feel. You have to remember that she isn't feeling the same things you are. The other thing is there are many women who feel like there is no equivalent sexual act for their pleasure. Even in cases where men allow or enjoy their women pegging them, that isn't for the woman's pleasure. So for some, they use anal as a bargaining chip. Think of her favorite sex act (I would say having my pussy eaten), and tell her you will eat her pussy twice for every time she lets you finish in her ass. If you are good at eating pussy, then that might be the incentive she needs!

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