The Cereal You’ve Been Dreaming Of For Decades Is About To Launch: Girl Scout Cookie Cereal

By 10.24.16

In an effort to prove that 2016 isn’t complete and total garbage the Girl Scouts of America are finally giving the people what they want, a Girl Scout Cookies Cereal. Actually, it will be a line of cereals because they’re launching multiple flavors. This comes on the tail of the Girl Scouts of America announcing that they’ll also be dropping a new cookie flavor next year, S’mores.

Here are the two cookie cereal flavors that the Girl Scouts of America will be releasing this January:


Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch will headline the Girl Scouts’ first foray into the world of cereal. It was reported first on Instagram by @candyhunting (the Instagram account above), and it was corroborated earlier this morning on NBC’s TODAY Show as well as over on BuzzFeed.

I can’t imagine ever eating this cereal for breakfast because I’d feel like a complete fucking slob eating crystallized candy cookies for my first meal of the day but as a late night snack? Sure.

If you missed the announcement of the new Girl Scouts Cookies flavors you can catch this preview here:

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