The Text Messages The Girl Who A Performed Sex Act On Her Pet Pit Bull Sent To Her Boyfriend Are Vomit-Inducing

By 11.22.16

Last week, we brought you the particularly troubling story of a 27-year-old Australian chick waiting sentencing for banging her pit bull. If you could imagine what a girl who would have sex with a dog would look like, Jenna Louis Driscoll probably wouldn’t fit that description. She is at least a couple tiers about dog banging and a few tiers above taking me home from the bar.

From the original post:

Jenna Louis Driscoll, 27, pleaded guilty to bestiality and three drugs-related charges in Brisbane District Court in August.
The sentencing for her offences was reserved, with the judge saying the acts of bestiality were ‘repulsive’ and ‘against the order of nature’.
The charges arose after police discovered disturbing video of Driscoll performing the obscene act while they were investigating unrelated allegations back in 2014.

According to Mirror, the Australian waitress was encouraged to have sex with her pet by her then-boyfriend, Tristan as some type of deranged foreplay.

Jenna was asked by Tristan to film herself doing the “dirtiest thing” possible, which led to her engaging in a sex act with her dog. Tristan urged her to “set the camera up so she isn’t holding the camera.”

Jenna complied with Tristan’s request and sent him the video, but then revealed that her pooch was now hiding under the bed and she could not lure him out.

“He won’t do it I can’t get him to do it what’s wrong with me,” she said.

Tristan responded: “I’ll never stop wanting you to do this type of stuff”, and called her a “filthy whore.”

In a psychologist’s report read in court Driscoll said: “This has ruined my life. I very much regret what I’ve done.”

Jenna is awaiting sentencing and I think I’m going to be sick.

[h/t Mirror]


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