As Luck Would Have It, Giving Blow Jobs is a Pregnant Woman’s Cure for Morning Sickness

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According to the Daily Mail

A psychologist at the University at Albany-SUNY has claimed that women who devour sperm from the male who impregnated them are likely to counteract the common side effect during pregnancy.

Gordon Gallup, who works within the university's psychology department, believes that morning sickness is simply caused by the introduction of semen, a foreign substance, in order to impregnate her.

It is unknown whether or not Dr Gallup is caring for a pregnant wife himself.

Of course, morning sickness has been attributed to various things in the past besides the addition of semen in the body, such as the mere shake-up of hormones and the use of hormonal contraception.

Mr Gallup's claims come after the National Center for Biotechnology Information released findings in 2000 that showed there was a connection between oral sex and a diminishing occurrence of preeclampsia, a condition among pregnant women that sparks high blood pressure and protein to the urine.

Dr Gallup also believes that semen has anti-depressive qualities.

I'll now answer my top question and say that I would argue no, this news is not at all fortuitous. Nothing I want less than a pregnant chick sucking my rod or begging to suck my rod. Wife or not; pregnant women aren't my thing. For those nine months (when that dreadful day comes), I will be on a strict diet of porn, and if she needs my sperm to keep her from vomiting or getting depressed, I'll be farming so much of it that I can sell it to her by the keg. At a wholesale price, of course.

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