This Goblin Shark Will Swallow You Whole

By 10.18.13

It's full of absurd, horrifying creatures. Like this goblin shark, seen in the gif below unhinging it's “spring-like” jaw to catch it's lunch.

A more terrifying description comes from Wired:

…Its highly protrusive jaws [are] packed with needle-like teeth meant to trap, not slice. Sharks are able to project their mouths in this manner because the jaw is suspended by ligaments and cartilage instead of being fused to the skull.

So basically it's mouth isn't tied to it's head. Oh and it has translucent skin. See-through-fucking skin. This is what happens when God gets a bad bunch of acid. Or evolution occurs. I honestly don't know which is the scarier choice. 

[H/T @amielesser]

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