Nothing Spices Up a Graduation Ceremony Like a Sex Tape

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As clips of smiling students filled the screen, the atmosphere quickly changed as the film suddenly cut to one of the graduating students having sex with an unidentified woman in what looked like hidden camera footage. The sex clip was apparently loaded onto the computer used for the big screen presentation, in which students were allowed to contribute their own photos and video clips.

Jørgen Rasmussen, the headteacher at Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium, said he knows the identity of the male student in the video but will not file police charges against him, adding that real perpetrators in the case are those who secretly recorded and uploaded the video.

Yeah, that’s something those kids won’t soon forget. And while it’s obviously a gross privacy intrusion, the dude’s performance could make him a legend. That right there is why you always give 110 percent in the bedroom.

The scandalous incident, of course, didn’t pass without a quasi-intellectual using it for comment on mass culture.

According to Jeppe Hald, the national project leader for the family planning association Sex og Samfund, that a student chose to insert the sex clip into the graduation ceremony video is a reflection that the lines between private and public have been blurred due to the proliferation of reality television.

“When they see people have sex on TV, it influences the limits of what they want to show of their private and intimate life,” Hald told Politiken.

Right, because the offenders didn’t know any better. Blame the television. We all know it’s the root of all evil.

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