Guy Buys the House Next to His Ex-Wife, Puts GIANT Middle Finger Statue Pointing At Hers (UPDATE)

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UPDATE: Gawker learned via tweet from Detroit sports writer Jeff Moss that the Middle Finger House is owned by Alan Markovitz, a man who seems to have made his fortune through smut, naturally. Markovitz owns three strip clubs in Detroit and authored a book entitled Topless Prophet: The True Story of America's Most Successful Gentleman's Club Entrepreneur, which totally makes my scene of him talking to a guest on his deck 100% PLAUSIBLE, if not a total matter of fact!

But actually it's not.

/face goes sad

According to this Deadline Detroit profile of Markvitz, it seems that his ex-wife might deserve this “fuck you” statue. 

Markovitz has a 17-year-old daughter from a previous relationship who lives with him. He was married for two years to a woman he met at a friend's birthday party at an Auburn Hills restaurant. But they recently divorced. He said his wife, a native of Slovakia, was cheating on him with someone he knew. She moved in with the guy two days after moving out of the house.

“He broke the Man Code. He’s a total freakin’ asshole,” Markovitz says. “Real men don’t do that to another guy.”

So yeah, if this is true I'd say the move is justified. Crazy as shit, yes, but I can't say that I blame him. 

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