Gamers Upset They Had to Quit Playing While Pesky Police Dealt With Dead Body

by 6 years ago

Shockingly, this wasn't enough reason for anyone else in the cafe to notice.

Police told the Taipei Times they were disgusted when they arrived at the scene to find other gamers were disinterested in the corpse and wanted to continue playing during the investigation.

OK, focus is an important part of these games. The fate of the entire fictional world the player is inhabiting is usually on the line. But, shit, guys, take a look around every now and again. And if the dude next to you has died, maybe hit pause for a minute.

The Taiwanese CGI team has tackled the issue with their usual tact. Be warned, though, that they have absolutely no problem with showing the dead body for extended periods of time.

[H/T: Guyism]

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