Guys Confess What They Do With And Whether They Share Naked Photos Women Send Them

By 10.25.16


Ever wonder what most guys do with the sexy selfies that women send them? It’s a solid question because all you have to do is spend five minutes on social media to know that more than a few naked photos are being transferred from one phone to another on a daily basis.

Well, now we have some answers as a few brave men on Reddit have come forward to confess what they do with photos sent to them by the women in their lives.

Do they share them? Delete them? Keep them for, uh, “usage” later? You might be surprised at some of these responses.

See if any of them sound familiar…

Personally, that’s something I take very seriously and would never (and have never) shared. Hoowwwwever, there are plenty of guys on the other side of the track, too, and many of whom I’ve known. They aren’t all mean spirited guys, some of them have just had friends close enough they feel like they can share that stuff with. I know a group of guys that have all shared videos of their girlfriends around and have talked at length about what the girls would do and compare. On the other hand, my current (main) group of friends would never share any of that information, as that’s incredibly private and they/we feel it would be shitty to share. It depends on the guy. For your personal health, sanity, and safety, I would highly recommend not letting anyone video you if other people seeing them would make you uncomfortable unless you’re in a stable and long term relationship. ~ benjireturns

I would show in person but would never send it to anyone. ~ Jordan-S

They get deleted once were no longer seeing one another. ~ TeamOnBack

I had an ex-girlfriend who did that to me when we were going out, but I’ve never done it. I delete all of mine after it’s over. ~ Jaeryth

I wouldn’t share at all besides the person I am seeing. Also as soon as it would be over I would delete it all as I wish for the girl to so me the same favour. ~ FaenK

For context, I’m in my early twenties.

I’m sorry to say, but I’m having a hard time thinking of any guy friend that has nudes that hasn’t shown them to at least another buddy (not saying they show everyone). The ones that I know don’t engage in this, is because they don’t have any to show.

I would imagine that this behaviour wanes off as we grow older/become more serious with our girls, but unfortunately for now, this is the reality I’ve witnessed. ~ tortoli

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