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Bubba Watson
The frattiest player on the PGA tour won the Masters in a two-hole playoff, sobbed uncontrollably, told David Letterman his style of play is “awesome,” and still owns the General Lee. Plus, he called out “Mike and Mike” producers for calling him like a crazed ex-girlfriend. That’s a full week.

The Bros at The Lost Ogle
These sleuths undertook one of the greatest issues of our lifetime: calling out Skip Bayless for being a dirty, rotten liar. As a result of their detective work, the ESPN gasbag was forced to admit he exaggerated his claims of high school basketball glory.

Jeremy Wuitschick
This 13-year-old took the wheel of his school bus after the driver suffered a fatal heart attack. The quick-thinking seventh-grader was able to prevent an accident and no one on board was injured.

“Thomas Elliot”

Bro went to a popular Virginia mall armed with an army of cameras and made-up celebrity. Girls swooned, attention was given, and viral video status was achieved. Props have to be given creating something humorous while providing an indictment of our celebrity-obsessed culture.

Ray Hudson
The excitable soccer announcer took his drunk-uncle commentary to a whole other level after Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo authored an insane free-kick goal. Hudson let every bit of his arousal shine through in his voice, proclaiming, “It’s not just a dream, it’s a wet dream of orgasmic proportions. This one deludes everybody.”

Serial Job Quitter
Bro gallivants around town, quitting jobs he doesn’t even have.  A modern day Kramer with an impossibly complex faux resume.

Kip Henley
Serving as Brian Gay’s caddie isn’t the most exciting job in the world – except when a giant alligator tries to interfere with a shot, which happened yesterday at the RBC Heritage. Henley was able to do what Chubbs could not: fend off the beast with a rake. Extremely badass.

Alright, you tell us. Who is the Bro of the Week? Vote now!

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